Evolution and challenges of automated packaging of chocolates


As far as we know, chocolate or cocoa has been consumed since 1500 B.C., when ground cocoa beans were mixed with water and various spices to create a drink with an intense and extremely bitter taste, far from the hot chocolate we know today. But it was not until the 17th century, in France, that […]

How to improve efficiency in food packaging processes

Tendencias del packaging alimentario

Food packaging is an essential combination of science, design and technology. In a world where freshness, presentation and safety are increasingly influencing purchasing decisions, the right packaging is becoming an essential element. For this reason, many packaging companies have evolved from basically functional packaging to more sustainable packaging, i.e., the materials used in its manufacture […]

Complete Guide to Packaging Machinery

Máquina de packaging de carga de estuches

1. Introduction to Packaging Machinery Packaging is a fundamental part of the production and distribution process of any product. This process not only ensures that the products are protected, but also facilitates their storage, transport, and plays a crucial role in the marketing strategy and promotion of the brand. Given its relevance, it is essential […]

ATP Engineering & Packaging celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Founded in 1996, ATP Engineering & Packaging has grown from a small engineering company to an internationally recognized supplier of robotic packaging lines.From the start, we have dedicated ourselves to developing and delivering innovative and high-precision packaging solutions to respond to the industry’s challenges. Today, we provide automated packaging systems to manufacturers in food, hygiene, […]

Inauguration packaging line in Poland

Last September 19th the Colian Group´s new site in Bydgoszcz, Poland was inaugurated. This new site includes an ATP line for the automatic packaging and cartoning  of chocolates. The line includes 14 artificial vision-guided Delta robots for placing up to 1500 chocolates/minute in trays in different formats, a thermosealer and an automated cartoner that offers the option of placing […]