Automatic Packaging Machines

At ATP Packaging we specialize in automatic packaging solutions using Delta robots guided by artificial vision.

We have extensive experience providing high-speed picking applications for handling products of different types, sizes and formats, designed to work in environments with demanding quality and hygiene standards.

Our technical knowledge enables us to carry out applications with lines of robots that share tasks between them, as well as to develop HMI software designed for complete line control in an easy and intuitive way for the user.

Our Machines

Group 3

Allow for the automatic feeding of flowpack machines, thermoformers, cartoners and case packers.

Group 3

Loading of bare products or single or multiple packaging, even on several levels.

Group 3

Product collection heads specifically designed according to its characteristics, implementing efficient filtering and cleaning systems.

Group 3

Specifically designed to work with precision at high production speeds and increase the quality and uniformity of the products, thus guaranteeing an efficient and continuous packaging process.

Group 3

Designed to work with food products, therefore, they are meant to facilitate accessibility for maintenance and cleaning tasks.

Group 3

Stand out for their excellent versatility and flexibility in handling a wide variety of containers and products in different mosaics and formats.

Group 3

Can be equipped with various loading systems, thus achieving customized, reliable and optimized packaging.

Group 3

Adaptation of different artificial vision systems (2D camera, 3D camera, multicam).

Group 3

Availability to install a wide range of robots, of different sizes and weights, to adapt to the requirements of each application.

Group 3

Possibility of integrating 4 and 5 axis robots.

Flowpack Feeding

Perfect for pick & place applications of pastry products, such as cookies, croissants, muffins, pain au chocolat, etc.

Loading of Trays or Blisters

Ideal for pick & place applications for chocolates and cookies.

Loading of Cartons

Ideal for pick & place applications of precooked and breaded products, as well as pastries, cookies and chocolates.
Máquina de packaging de carga de estuches

Loading of Cases

Suitable for pick & place applications of bags, doy-packs, packages, cartons, trays, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions about our packaging automation machinery solutions

ATP Packaging specializes in the development of automatic packaging machines, using advanced technology such as Delta robots guided by artificial vision. This specialization allows the company to provide efficient applications for the handling of a wide range of products, while maintaining high quality and hygiene standards.

ATP’s packaging machines are characterized by their ability to:


  • Automate the feeding of other machines such as flowpacks and thermoforming machines.
  • Handle both naked and packaged products, at various levels and formats
  • Incorporate tailor-made pick-up heads according to the product.
  • Operate at high speeds maintaining precision, quality and uniformity in packaging.
  • Be especially suited for food products, with a design that facilitates cleaning and maintenance.
  • Adapt to a wide variety of packages and products, thanks to their versatility and flexibility.
  • Integrate customized loading systems to optimize the packaging process.
  • Compatible with various artificial vision systems and a vast range of robots with different specifications.

ATP´s packaging machines are suitable for various applications, including:

  • Flowpack feeding for pastry products such as cookies and croissants.
  • Tray or blister loading, ideal for chocolates and cookies.
  • Carton loading, appropriate for pre-cooked and breaded products, as well as for pastries and chocolates.
  • Case loading, suitable for handling bags, doy-packs, packages, cartons and trays.

ATP´s packaging machines are characterized by their ability to adapt to a wide range of products and packaging. This is achieved through customizable loading systems and the use of artificial vision technologies that allow the machines to recognize and handle different types of products and packaging with efficiency and precision. This flexibility is essential for companies that handle a variety of products or require frequent changes to their production lines.

The use of Delta robots in ATP’s packaging solutions offer several key benefits. These robots are known for their high speed and precision, making them ideal for high-speed picking applications.


In addition, their design allows for delicate and precise product handling, which is crucial in the packaging industry, especially when dealing with fragile or irregularly shaped products. The integration of these robots in packaging solutions ensures an efficient, fast and high-quality process, adapted to the specific needs of each customer.

ATP Packaging has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing machines and complete packaging lines. Its focus on research and development of new solutions, together with its collaboration with leading firms in Europe, allows it to offer personalized advice and innovative solutions in the field of packaging automation.

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