Packaging machines and lids for wet wipes

We offer a complete range of solutions for the packaging of wet wipes.

Our Machines


We have designed a lid, together with Jabil, which allows us to achieve maximum efficiency with our machines, and reduce costs in different parts of the process, both in materials, packaging and logistics.

Lid Feeders

We offer various systems for lid feeding avoiding the traditional system of vertical magazines, such as the high-capacity rotary system (carousel), bulk mechanical loaders with an autonomy of more than 40 min. without supervision, as well as multi-format feeders that can work with different lids without any mechanical adjustments.

Lid Applicators

We have a wide range of robotic equipment to apply lids to packs of wet wipes, from basic equipment of up to 80 lids per minute, to machines of up to 200 lids per minute.

Case Packers

To complement our lid applicators, we offer a flexible solution of multi-format case packers to complete the whole packaging installation under the same electronic platform.

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