Automatic Cartoning Machines

We offer multiple automatic cartoning solutions for rigid or flexible products.

Our Machines

Top-Load Cartoning System

ATP cartoning systems for automatic product loading by means of a robot and collating unit, for the cartoning of rigid and flexible containers in a flat and edge position.

Carton Erectors

ATP’s carton erectors offer a wide range of applications for both stand-alone machines and those integrated into complete packaging lines, adapting to different format and performance requirements. The erectors are prepared to form the cartons using hot melt.

90º Carton Sealers

ATP’s 90º carton sealer can automatically close a wide range of cartons at intermediate speeds using hot glue. Designed to be easily integrated into automatic cartooning cells.

Side-Load Cartoners

Econopak has a wide range of side-load cartoners that adapt to the need for different speeds, product sizes, formats, etc.

High Speed Continuous Carton Sealers

The Econopak continuous case sealers allow for the automatic closing of cartons at high speeds by means of hot melt or air, along with the possibility of closing non-rectangular cartons. There are different closure systems, with one or three flaps.

Frequently Asked Questions about ATP Packaging Automatic Cartoning Machines

ATP Packaging provides multiple solutions for automatic cartoning, suitable for both rigid and flexible products. These solutions are designed to adapt to a variety of packaging needs, ensuring efficiency and flexibility in the cartoning process.

The ATP Packaging’s top-load cartoning systems use an automatic product loading method using robots and collating units. These systems are capable of handling both rigid and flexible containers, placing them in both flat and edge positions, which demonstrates their versatility and ability to adapt to different types of products and containers.

The ATP Packaging’s case erectors are designed for a wide range of applications, both in stand-alone configurations and integrated into complete packaging lines. These machines are prepared to form cartons from blanks using hot melt, which allows great adaptability to different formats and performance requirements.

ATP Packaging is committed to maintaining the highest quality and efficiency in its cartoning machines. This is achieved through continuous research and development, which allows them to continually innovate and improve their products. With more than 25 years of experience in the packaging sector, they offer personalized advice from the beginning of the project, ensuring that each solution adapts perfectly to the customer’s specific needs. 

The collaboration with several leading European packaging firms also contributes to their ability to offer cutting-edge technology and efficient solutions.

ATP Packaging’s cartoning machines are designed to be highly flexible and adaptable to handle a wide variety of products, both rigid and flexible. This adaptability extends to format and throughput requirements, meaning they can be adjusted to work with different product sizes and shapes, as well as varying production speeds as required.

Integrating these machines into existing packaging lines or using them as a stand-alone solution offers further flexibility for companies looking to optimize their packaging processes.

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