Complete Packaging Lines

At ATP Packaging, we supply complete packaging lines for the automatic packaging of primary or secondary products, from the time the product exits the production process to its palletizing, including automatic picking, cartoning and case packing.

We have more than 25 years of experience, which allows us to adapt to different technologies according to the characteristics of the application, to achieve maximum flexibility and efficiency, and to be able to offer remote assistance services. We have packaging lines with robots guided by artificial vision for the collection of the bare product and lines for the cartoning and case packing of the packaged product.

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Great flexibility

Allowing you to work with different products and packaging formats, increasing the flexibility and competitiveness of the production process.

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Safety and hygiene

There is no manual contact with the product and repetitive tasks that cause occupational accidents and do not add value to the process are eliminated.

Group 4

Open platform philosophy

Facilitates all maintenance and repair functions by the end user and provides great versatility in choosing the vision system that best suits the needs of the process.

Discover which elements can make up a packaging line

Delta robots guided by artificial vision

Grouping and accumulation systems

Product quality control systems

Plastic or cardboard tray dispensers

Transport logistics of products and packages

FIFO and LIFO accumulation buffer

Horizontal flow wrappers and vertical packaging equipment

Palletizing with collaborative or conventional robot

Case erectors and sealers and top-load case packing

Top-load and side-load carton erectors and sealers

Multi-format wrap around case packers

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Robotized packaging

Case Packing

Lids | Wet wipes

Flexible Packaging

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