Automatic Case Packing Machines

We have a wide range of solutions for the complete automatic case packing of rigid or flexible products: open/form, fill and close all types of boxes (B1, packmaster, tray, etc.), preformed or made from blanks, with a tape sealing or hot melt closing system.

Our Machines

Multi-format case erectors and sealers

ATP has multi-format case erectors and sealers starting from blanks, with hot melt closure and automatic format adjustment.

Encajadoras multiformato wraparound

Multi-format wrap around case packers

ATP case packers for forming cardboard boxes from blanks (wrap around) with hot melt closure. Designed for packing rigid and flexible containers in a vertical, horizontal or edge position.

Loading system using robots guided by artificial vision.

Multi-format top-load case packers

ATP case packers with automatic product loading by robot and collating unit, with hot melt closure for packing rigid and flexible containers in a vertical, horizontal or edge position.

Deltrawrap case packers

Compact wraparound case packer with box formation starting from cardboard blanks and, with hot melt closure for nesting in vertical, horizontal or edge position.

Loading system using a collating unit and Delta or Cartesian robot.

Case erectors and sealers

Lantech has different models of machines for erecting and sealing cases.

Model C machines can erect and seal type B1 boxes with closure by means of hot melt or tape, with automatic format adjustment. And the TE model machines can erect and seal boxes from blanks, with a manual change of format.

Frequently Asked Questions about ATP's Automatic Case Packing Machines

The automatic case  packing machines from ATP are exceptionally designed to handle a wide range of products, ranging from rigid products such as cartons and cases to flexible packaging such as pouches or multipacks. This versatility is due to its advanced technology that allows for quick and precise format adjustments to accommodate different sizes and types of products.

These machines are ideal for industries that require flexibility in their production line, where requirements can vary widely.

The multi-format forming and closing machines of ATP incorporate advanced technologies to guarantee efficient and secure closing of the cases. They use a hot melt closure sealing  system that  provides a strong and durable seal, which is essential to protect products  during transportation and storage.

In addition, automatic format adjustment is a key feature, as it allows the machines to quickly adapt to different case sizes and types, significantly improving the efficiency of the packing process. This adaptability reduces downtime and increases productivity, which is especially valuable in high-volume production environments with frequent changes in product types.

The multi-format wrap around case packers are an innovative solution that significantly improves the efficiency of the packaging process.

These machines are characterized by their ability to form cases from blanks and close them with hot melt, ensuring a secure and stable packaging. The versatility of being able to place containers in different orientations (vertical, horizontal or edge-on) makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. One of its most notable features is the loading system with robots guided by artificial vision, which allows precise and automated placement of products in the cases. This level of automation not only increases production speed, but also reduces the risk of human error and improves packing consistency.

ATP’s multi-format top-load case packers offer notable advantages in terms of product handling and operational efficiency. These machines are equipped with automatic loading systems that use advanced robotic technology that allows a wide variety of products to be fitted in a horizontal, vertical or edge position.

The ability of these machines to adapt to different packaging configurations and case types makes them ideal for production lines that require flexibility and efficiency, especially in industries with high quality and safety standards.

ATP’s Deltrawrap case packer is an innovative solution that combines a compact design with high packing efficiency.

This machine is ideal for tight production environments where space is a valuable resource. Thanks to its compact design, the Deltawrap efficiently optimizes its production capacity while maintaining packaging quality. It uses hot melt to close cases, and can pack products in a variety of positions, making it versatile for different types of applications. The loading system can use a Delta or Cartesian robot, providing flexibility to adapt to different types of products and packaging needs.

This machine is particularly suitable for industries that require an efficient packing solution but have space limitations, such as small production facilities or companies with multiple production lines in one location.

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