Complete packaging line for biscuits

The automated packaging The packaging of food products is very complex, as speed and efficiency must be balanced with high flexibility in formats and sizes, as well as high-precision packaging that does not spoil the product, as in the case of cookies, which can be fragile to handle.

One of the leading reference companies in Spain for the production of biscuits and long-life bakery products contacted ATP to automate the packaging process for biscuits.

The company has facilities of more than 10,000 m2 where there are five production lines, all robotized and highly automated, from which they produce croissants, rolls (milk bread), napolitanas, biscuits and muffins.

The challenge: Robotic line to automate biscuit packaging

Due to increasing market demand, the customer needed automate the cookie packaging process to increase productivity, without sacrificing quality and excellent presentation of the final product.

The challenge was to design a fully automated intelligent system to replace the biscuit handling process and transport logistics to the flow pack machine.

The solution: A complete packaging line with artificial vision

To automate the packaging of biscuits, we developed a complete packaging line specifically for this product, consisting of a cell of high-speed, vision-guided pick-and-place robots and an IMA Ilapak Carrera 1500 flowpack machine.

It is a modular system consisting of 8 Delta robots that pick the biscuits from the infeed and counter-flow conveyors and place them on trays. Thanks to the state-of-the-art vision system, the biscuits are recognized with a high degree of precision and accuracy, ensuring that the product does not suffer any damage during the packaging process. In addition, the line has been manufactured with an accessible, clean and compact design that can be quickly and easily integrated into the flowpack machine.

One of the main advantages of the new line is that it is capable to pack biscuits of different sizes and shapes at speeds of up to 650 ppm, depending on the characteristics of the biscuits, thus increasing and improving production output, one of our customer’s requirements.

What did we achieve?


Optimize the production capacity of the line.


Possibility to digitize line efficiency data.


Fast format changeover from single to multiple picking.


Improved presentation, consistency and homogeneity of packages.


Ability to digitize line efficiency data.