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The usual applications developed by ATP Packaging are the automatic packing of products that come from process lines and that arrive randomly and at high speeds to the packing area. Some examples of these applications are the packing of chocolates, packing of products on trays and feeding of packaging and thermoforming machines.

The conditioning of special end of line applications for casing is a matter that we very much keep in mind. It is possible to count with IP67 protection on the robots and their periphery, as well as with an integral stainless steel construction.

Our experience allows us to develop applications where several robots share the filling task and also to count with an interface software designed for a total control of the packaging line in an easy way that specifically adapts to each application.

robots packaging food

Feeding Flowpack Machines

One of the most common applications developed is the feeding of flowpack machines, either for the packaging of individual products, groups or even in several layers. The high speed of these machines is not a problem for the delta systems. Our product picking heads are specifically designed for each product, implementing efficient systems for filtering and cleaning.

Loading Trays

This application is characteristic of chocolates. It can reach very high production speeds thanks to the qualities of this product, which in many cases can be severely accelerated without being affected. Likewise, the dimensions of chocolates are regular and constant what usually facilitates their loading. In the case of biscuits, depending on their qualities, it may happen that they cannot be accelerated at such speeds. Likewise, there is a slight variability of shapes and sizes but the quality control carried out by the robots makes possible an efficient and continuous packaging process.

Loading Cartons

This application is characteristic of frozen food and breaded products (nuggets, fish (haddock) fingers, savoury pies, crab drumsticks, coquets, hamburguers), as well as of bakery products (cakes, tartlets, bars). The main characteristic of these lines is the control of the vacuum system, which should guarantee cleanliness; both for the product, so as to prevent the accumulation of residues; as for the line, so that it does not contaminate with oil, sugar and other components that can end up deteriorating the whole system. To this effect, ATP Engineering & Packaging counts with systems that clean automatically, such as filters and special valves that guarantee a clean, stable, efficient and continuous process, apart from facilitating the maintenance.


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