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Packaging in cartons and flowpack bags

Apart from vertical bags as the simplest form of presentation for the display of these products, frozen and breaded products are commonly presented in carton packaging, which permits a larger surface for printing and for enhancing sales appeal, making them more attractive for the consumer. This category includes the packaging of ‘San Jacobos’ (Cordon Bleu), crab drumsticks and Surimi, savoury pies, chicken nuggets, fish fillets, fish (hake) fingers, croquets, etc.


packaging of frozen food Bread crumbs and oil are a great inconvenience when they have to be packaged automatically by means of robotic systems. It is therefore especially important that there is a well-designed vacuum extraction system as well as mechanisms that make cleaning easier. Manufacturers of these products are also aware that not all of the products are the same and the differences clog the system. Robotic systems are the solution to the difference in size given that they detect the difference in size and carry out the first stage of quality control by picking up only those that match the product specifications. When it comes to packaging these same products in bags multi-head devices are used that group the products according to weight and then opens an exit gate, dropping the product into the vertical machine that forms the bags. The bags can then be cased either vertically or flat using gravity bag packing machinery type. In the case of carton packaging, the simplest way is to use automatic  casing machines, models CP300case packer machineCP300
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and CP1000case packer machineCP1000
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, depending on the size and speed. The latter model facilitates vertical packaging. ATP Engineering & Packaging likewise has robotic cartoning systems to meet the most demanding needs as regards speed and complexity.


packaging of frozen food and breaded products packaging of frozen food and breaded products


The most common machines for the packaging of frozen food are:

– SRS ATP line
with high speed artificial vision guided

ROBOTS DELTA case packaging
More Information about SRS robots

– Multi-head + Vertical combo

vertical flowpack machine

  More Information about Flowpack packaging machines 

 – Case forming machines

case forming machine case forming machine case forming machine

  More Information about  case forming machines

– Automatic case packing machines (Flexible and rigid products))

case packaging machine case packaging machine
More Informatin about case packing machines for rigid products
More Information about case packing machines for flexible products

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