Packaging of Candies and Gums

packaging para dulces

Cartoning, Case packing and Bagging

Candies, jelly beans and gums are within the same group of products because of the way they are packed. A high percentage of them come in bulk bags, packed with a vertical machine for different kinds of bags: pillow, three or four seal, stabilo or doypack. It is also very common to pack this product in bulk in jars.


Envasado de caramelos golosinas y chicles When they are packed into display boxes, the bags must be deposited vertically, for which there are two alternative ways:

  • Vertical case filling machines 
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    , for the different ranges of boxes. These machines allow to pack bags in FEFCO 301
    FEFCO 301
     trays, american boxes FEFCO 200
    FEFCO 200
    and FEFCO 201
    FEFCO 201
     as well as in plastic baskets.
  • The SRC robotic machine for packing bags vertically (it can also pack the bags horizontally) in all types of box formats with a wide variety of collations inside the box.
  • The Pickr robotic machine that is equipped with high speed delta robots. This machine, thanks to its modularity, can, when required, be adjusted to greater production speeds. The bags are packed flat and the boxes are formed vertically.


For case packing gum and candy jars, the most efficient systems are the Cartesian systems with vacuum picking. These are also the ones with best quality-cost relationship. Our company offers the range of machines Lantech CP (Case Packer), which counts with models for the different sizes of boxes and jars.

ATP can also provide you with multiformat case packing machines.


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The most common machines for the packaging of candies and gums are:

- SRS ATP line
with high speed artificial vision guided

ROBOTS DELTA case packaging
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- Topload and endload cartoning machines

cartoning machine cartoning machine cartoning machine

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- Carton closer machines

carton closer machine carton closer machine

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Flowpack packaging machines

Flowpack packaging machine Flowpack packaging machine

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 - Case forming machines

case forming machine case forming machine case forming machine

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- Automatic case packing machines (Flexible and rigid products))

case packaging machine case packaging machine
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