Multiformat case packing lines

SRC | Robotic Case Packing

At present the market demands continuous changes in the different case packing formats and in the packaging designs. In this field it is essential to count with units that can quickly and automatically adapt to the new demands without additional costs. This is the concept of MUTIFORMAT, programmable machines that in a matter of seconds can change format and even erect and load up to 4 models of cases simultaneously.

A complete MULTIFORMAT case packing line  is integrated by the following systems:

  • Multiformat case erector with 1 to 4 magazines.
  • Robotic case packing system.
  • Multiformat case sealer or lid applicator.


 1.1- Vertical product display box  |  1.2- B1 box, product lying flat  |  1.3- Carton, product lying flat

2.1- Vertical product display box  |  2.2- B1 box or tray, product lying flat

3.1- Doy-pack  bag  |  3.2- Vertical product display box

4.1- B4 box, vertical product  |  4.2- Vertical product display box