Ice Creams Packaging

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Packaging in Trays, Cartons or Flowpack Bags

Ice-creams are presented in many different ways and for this reason packaging options are constantly changing and adapting in accordance. However, ice-cream sticks and ice-cream cones are the most common types. Ice-cream sticks come individually in flowpack bags and the flowpack machines require special characteristics, which means that it is usually the ice-cream producers who manufacture or adapt the machines for packaging them. Subsequently, the ice-cream sticks in flowpack bags are packaged into cartons which are then case-packed for distribution.


packaging helados flowpack In the case of loading into cartons, these are pre-formed in top loading machines, whether they be lock style or glued cartons and which are later closed with carton closing machines. In the case of ice-cream cones, subsequent to the freezing process, these are presented on trays with various units which are later packed into cartons. A conveyor belt takes the cones through the packaging stage where they are identified by the Pick & Place lines by means of cameras connected to an artificial vision system and high speed robots place them on the trays which have been loaded by a tray detester.
Given that the ice-creams are not wrapped during this phase of the process, the type of clean construction of these lines is especially important and are available with self-cleaning mechanisms, stainless steel and special treatments. Once the trays have been completed they are wrapped using flowpack machinery where an inert gas may be injected to preserve the product before they are boxed. The end loading machines form the cartons, place the trays and glue the cartons. Once the cartons have been formed, the case packing takes place, either horizontal or vertical,  where the CPMaquina encajadoraCP SERIES
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series machinery is the most competitive option.



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The most common machines for the packaging of Ice Creams are:

- SRS ATP line with high speed artificial vision guided robots

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- Topload and endload cartoning machines

cartoning machine cartoning machine cartoning machine

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- Carton closer machines

carton closer machine carton closer machine

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Flowpack packaging machines

maquina envasado flowpack maquina envasado flowpack

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 - Case forming machines

case forming machine case forming machine case forming machine

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- Automatic case packing machines (Flexible and rigid products)

Encajadora automatica Encajadoras automaticas
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